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Eagle Social is the ultimate social media tool for gaining real followers and growing your business online. We have helped thousands of clients successfully grow their fan-base, increase their engagement, and build their brand on social media. With the guidance of our marketing and content strategy experts, your sales, paid partnerships and influencer opportunities will soar!

Turn your Instagram into a money making machine

Sales Potential With Eagle Social

With 50,000 followers, the potential for yearly revenue growth is almost unbelievable.

To keep things simple, let’s say on average you post 4 times per day: 2 personal posts, 1 Instagram story, and 1 sponsored shoutout. That would be an annual total of 1095 profile posts (365 of which are sponsored), and 365 story posts.

Shoutout Revenue:
365 Sponsored Posts x $250 Per Shoutout
= $91,250

Profile Post Advertising Value:
1095 Total Profile Posts x $65 Advertising Value Per Post
= $71,175

Instagram Story Advertising Value:
365 Instagram Stories x $500 Advertising Value Per Story
= $182,500

POTENTIAL REVENUE: $344,925 Per Year!

That’s right. You could be making 6 figures a year from a single Instagram account…

It’s Almost Like Having Your Own Money Printing Machine!

Ok, I’m sold

More than just followers… 

Get All the Social Media Help You Need to Succeed, No Matter Your Goals

24/7 Instagram Account Management

Social media never sleeps, so neither do we. Command a constant stream of attention to your Instagram profile with around-the-clock account management. Our dedicated team of marketing experts will build meaningful relationships with your target audience and consistently grow your follower count!

Analytics & Performance Reviews

Find the fan-base you’ve always dreamed of with our unparalleled audience targeting. We factor in keywords found in user profiles, hashtags, locations, and gender to make sure you only interact with people who are interested in your specific content!

Analytics & Performance Reviews

Track your results and monitor your instagram follower and  post engagement growth on Instagram. The Eagle Social performance review dashboard makes it easy to track your progress on Instagram.

Personalized 1on1 Consulting

Take your Instagram account or online business to the next level! Our team of content strategy experts will show you how to create captivating, on-brand content, and how to deploy it effectively. We can also help optimize your entire sales funnel from awareness to conversion!

Why Eagle Social?

We create a simple, convenient service to make your life easier.

We work with influencers, celebrities, startups, brand names, and everyday people who want to feed their growing fanbase with fresh content faster & easier.

While we focus on outreach to grow your account, you can spend more time creating content!

With Eagle Social, you can build brand loyalty, make meaningful connections, and maintain a healthy and active online presence with ease.

Easy & Effective

Sit back, relax, and watch your followers and web traffic grow. There’s nothing to download and everything is totally taken care of for you. Our convenient, user-friendly dashboard allows you to manage and refine your campaigns in real-time.

Dedicated Support

Social media never sleeps, so neither do we. Eagle Social works around the clock so you don’t have to. Our support team is ready to help you grow your account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Adjust your targeting or change your settings any time, any day, with unlimited access to support with no extra fees.

Real Results

Get noticed on social media and grow followers from your target audience. Legitimate engagement leads to online sales, viral posts, and influencer opportunities. Eagle Social organically increases your reach and drives traffic to your Instagram.

'Hands On' Consulting

The better your page is, the faster you’ll grow (of course!). Make the most out of your Eagle Social account with our 1-on-1 consulting team, to help you with posting strategies, business, marketing, and content creation.

How Does it Work? 

4 Steps To Soar Above The Rest:  

1. Sign Up

Our registration process is quick and painless. You don’t even have to download any software! Simply go to the pricing section and choose the plan that’s right for you. Once registered, you’ll be directed to the Eagle Social Dashboard where you can prepare, coordinate, and launch your campaigns!

2. Target your audience

This part is key, and is what makes us better than our competition. Because our targeting is so specific, we need you to tell us everything you can about your niche and desired audience, as well as any goals you might have for your Instagram page. We only interact with people who use specific hashtags, have bios which contain specific keywords, tag their media at specific locations, or match other specific criteria you let us know about!

3. Interact with your audience on Auto-Pilot!

Eagle Social account managers use legitimate engagement methods to attract real followers to your page! Once we’ve accurately defined your target audience, we follow users based on the targeting criteria. A certain percentage (usually between 10-35%) will follow you back, resulting in daily consistent follower growth!

4. Measure Your Results

Effortlessly track your follower growth, engagement rates, likes, comments, and future projections while using our service! Your account statistics are easy to read and updated on a daily basis. The Eagle Social Analytics Dashboard makes it simple to monitor your progress on Instagram.

Why Do I Need More Instagram Followers?

Monetization. That’s Why.

There are a variety of ways to make money with your Instagram page, but one thing is for certain: You need to have a large audience! Companies are always on the lookout for new influencer opportunities, but they will only want to partner with someone who has a sizable and active following.


Luckily for you, Eagle Social has the answer. Our clients can expect to gain up to 50,000 followers within the first year of using our service. With a fan base that substantial, your brand recognition, sales, and affiliate opportunities will skyrocket without a doubt!


An Instagram profile with 50k followers can earn up to $250 for each sponsored post, not to mention the potential for lucrative, long-term partnerships.


An Instagram profile with 50k followers can leave up to 12,500 impressions for each profile post, which is roughly the equivalent of spending $65 on advertising.


An Instagram profile with 50k followers can yield up to 500 clicks for each Story posted with a swipe up link. Considering IG ads usually cost around a dollar per click-through, it’s like spending $500 on advertising every time you post an IG Story!

Success Stories

“I quickly gained followers, and my engagement went up!”
When I came across Eagle Social I was skeptical as I did not want to buy followers. Doing my research I realized that it would help me with engagement, comments and followers! Starting as a small account it can take hours to like, comment and engage with your followers, with Eagle Social it automated everything I wanted. I quickly gained followers, and my engagement went up! I was able to change the targets at anytime to help with anything I needed. Also 24/7 support when you need it! Great service for any business trying to make an impact on their social media platform!.

IG: Everyday_MinnieMouse

“Eagle Social has made it incredibly easy for me to feed my growing fanbase!”
“I’ve gained over 10,000 new followers since signing up around New Year.. Now my posts average over 1,000 likes and 20 comments each! Brands are reaching out to me and offering to pay me to promote their stuff! I don’t think I could have made it this far so quickly without a service like Eagle Social!”

IG: StonerrSam

Very useful tool that saves me several hours each week!
As someone who is really into social media and have been trying to keep consistent with my following. Lately, I felt like I’ve hit a plateau. I looked into using some sort of service to help me get a bit of a boost with my followers. My first week of using Eagle Social, I received about 175+ real followers who were in engaged in liking my Instagram profile. I am so HAPPY with my results from using this service. I can also save several hours per week by scheduling my content in advance! I highly recommend it!

IG: Britt.Ventures

Simple & Cost Effective Pricing  

Choose a plan that works best for your goals and objectives. Whichever plan you pick, we will ensure you get the most ‘bang for your buck’. There are no hidden fees, and you can cancel anytime

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